As an association of business people we feel a responsibility towards the prosperity of our members and our community. For that reason we are working diligently to strengthen our community by supporting the local businesses, and enriching the communities around us.


We are stewards of one of the most exciting business districts in the city, and also one of the most challenging. The learning process is ongoing, and the district is evolving in a dynamic way. The membership campaign we launched in 2012 gave us insight into just how much the district has evolved and some of the new challenges that come with it. The need to communicate and collaborate on problems and solutions, threats and safeguards, needs and support, while strengthening connections is paramount. The online presence is being developed to overcome some of those obstacles, and the district directory has been provided to overcome some of the rest.

Culturally, this district may be the richest in the Portland Region. This is both exciting and challenging. The diversity of businesses, services and cultures that are available in this marketplace is unique, as are the challenges it faces.

Forty percent (40%) of the population is comprised of a variety of minorities and immigrants, weaving a rich tapestry for the Portland Region. There are four major language groups spoken, with a number of minor variations. In compliment to the cultural diversity is the self-reliance and work ethic it takes for small business owners and immigrants to survive and fulfill their dreams. The individuality of the businesses and the diversity of cultures add to its strength.

There are major properties and businesses in this district that provide long-standing stability. The rest of the business and residential community provide the culture and flavor of this exciting district. The combination of culture, self-reliance, and pride puts this district in possession of tremendous potential to strengthen its economic competitiveness. We believe by focusing on community the district, and the entire Portland region, will be enriched.


The 82nd Avenue of Roses Business District is configured in a long and narrow section of the city. It is 4.9 miles from the north end of the district to the south, and approximately 1 mile wide from west to east. This district is served by major arterials at Woodstock, Foster, Powell, Division, Stark, Burnside, Glisan, and along the whole length of the 82nd Avenue of Roses. These arterials serve the district well, but can make it difficult to feel a connection to the business neighbors that are just across the street. Yet we all share more common hurdles and interests with each other than differences. The 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association is here to provide connections and give voice to the businesses, organizations, and residents of our unique district.


The 82nd Avenue of Roses Business District was formed 26 years ago, in 1987, with the purpose of crime prevention. At that time prostitution was rampant along the avenue, quite visible and fairly aggressive. While many see 82nd Avenue as an area that has obstacles to overcome, it is doubtful that very many realize how far it has come unless it is brought to mind. While the 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association still has plenty of work to do, it has contributed substantially to the efforts that have been made in crime prevention.

The 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade has been a growing success for nine years. It now has the honor of being the first sanctioned Rose Festival event of the year. Work began in November 2014 for the 2015 parade and will pick up momentum until April 25, when the parade will kick-off the festivities for the 2015 Rose Festival.

One of the more recent accomplishments of this business association has been the creation of The Jade District. What began as a competitive grant process has grown into a self-governing NPI district of the City of Portland in a very short three years. This was a very rewarding experience that held many lessons pertaining to the future of 82nd Avenue of Roses. The Jade District contains some extremely exciting potential for Portland’s future. This is an accomplishment that we are very proud of, and a partner we value.

The growing connections to neighboring business districts and neighborhood associations are producing dialogue and involvement. The attendance of their representatives at our meetings, and the sharing and gathering of information that affects the area, helps to strengthen the association. These are partnerships that bring people with shared interests together, benefit all and add to the potential success of the entire area.